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Franc Grams resurfaces after a rare hiatus and is back with a vengeance. Ferocious in tone while delivering venomous bars Grams once again displays why he is quickly rising the ranks to supremacy and being recognized as one of the best up and coming lyricist in the game. Gearing up for his forthcoming album release titled "The Premonition" its only appropriate Franc drops off #ThePremonition Freestyle for our listening enjoyment.

A few weeks ago we here at Fresh Prince of the ATX were introduced to Pittsburgh emcee, Palermo Stone. The Rare Nation artist has set out to let people know about his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA and its unique sound in Hip Hop. Preparing to release his fourth studio album titled, "2nd Coming" set to be released on September 9th. I got a chance to talk with Palermo Stone about his new album and more.

FPATX: The 2nd Coming is the title for your fourth studio album. What was the thought behind naming the album that?

PS: There are definitely some layers to it. Like most of my big ideas, I listen to my dreams. So I had a dream that I was standing in front of God and he basically asked “During my life, If I was living right ?” when I woke up I had this idea for “The 2nd Coming” to just keep it honest and tell my story. 

Although “The 2nd Coming” is my fourth album. It really was just a hobbie & something that came naturally easy to me until I did my last project “RARE” – So I really feel this is my 2nd serious project. Not to take anything away from the first two because I think they are awesome. It’s just when the tables turned in my solo career, this will be the 2nd offering.

That final layer is just like when its your time to get called up from the “Rap Gods” & the gate keepers to the game, are you going to be ready? & this is me saying … “Absolutely”

FPATX: Pittsburgh in the last say 5yrs has gained a lot of attention hip hop wise with artists like Wiz Khalifa, Chevy Woods, and Mac Miller. Did the city of Pittsburgh in any way influence you in the making of this album?

PS: Yeah Absolutely. It’s more so the actual city itself. What it represents. The hard work, industrial feel. Also, the grittiness & the diversity plays a huge role in the man I’ve become. So as far as the content, it’s my experiences, friends & family experiences, just our truths. Our placement on the map affected the way I wanted to portray the “Pittsburgh Sound.” We aren’t East Coast (So I didn’t want to have that boom bap, beat break sound). We aren’t West Coast ( So I refrained from those heavy synths & bay area sound). We aren’t down South (So I chilled out the chopped and screwed sound, using slang like “12” & “trill” cause that just isn’t us) We aren’t MidWest (So I didn’t use those rhyme schemes that come from that area: Drill Music, Etc.)

Just wanted to create something that was all our own. Do something special and embody everything we are about. I know I did that with “The 2nd Coming”

FPATX: So when sitting down to create The 2nd Coming what was going through you mind, as far as the concept for it, the message you wanted send with it?

PS: I really want people to understand what RARE Nation also believed in & that’s being your self. Just really being an individual. When it came to me, I had to understand that I was never going to be all good or all bad. So it’s really all Good vs. Evil. It’s not so “preachy” but that’s the thought I had in mind & the way it was written. If you listen close you can pick up on it all.

FPATX: Your single "Milk & Honey" to me sounds like the song that kind of sets the tone for the album or the song that you want people to hear to get an understanding of what the album will be about. Is that what you were going for?

PS: Yeah, it was the last song I wrote for the album actually. I normally write twice as many songs that actually go on my albums. I had the tape picked out, but it was missing a few pieces. Then I wrote a joint called “Fuck You All” & then I wrote “Milk & Honey” – The album NEEDED it. It really completed the vision.

FPATX: What is something you want listeners to take away from you as an artist with this album? 

PS: Nothing necessarily specific, I just want my talent to shine through - The process, the growth and the art. I want everybody whether you were already riding with me, sleeping on me, never knew about me, to just be proud. My team & I give so much of ourselves, our time & our money – we just want our product to be felt & appreciated.

Following the widespread success and praise for their singles "Fanclub," "Golden" and "Move Me," fast rising Austin, TX songstress Mélat and Delicious Vinyl producer Jansport J bring us their collaboration EP entitled Move Me. The highly anticipated project features the first three singles along with 6 new tracks showcasing the duo's blend of soulful boom-bap production with powerful vocals and moving lyrics. The project is available to stream in its entirety on Soundcloud, and is available for direct download at