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MAEJOR has just released a brand new song, "We Don't Talk No More", that tells the tale of how he's lost contact with his fair share of homies on the road to success... Needless to say, it can be near shocking when you realize the list of people you no longer speak with surmounts the list of those that you do--I'm sure we can all relate. The song features Motown singer, Sonna Rele, who eases in the melody of the vocals like a smooth Sauvignon Blanc. "We Don't Talk No More" is just the first song off of MAEJOR's forthcoming DJ Charisma-hosted project; to be released on November 1st.

After a 1 1/2 year hiatus the Real Individual's are back and gearing up for a new season. After scrapping their debut "Street Album" Real Individual, TX to go their separate ways and embark on solo careers. The two have released a, what some would call, radio ready track that was recorded with the RI,TX sessions. The song "HARD" was produced by D. Francis and recorded and mixed at Barron Studios by Jason Barton.